From the telenovelas I would watch on Spanish television, to the well-dressed men in tejanas and boots I would admire at the Mexican parties as a kid, vaquero culture has always subconsciously been intertwined within my Mexican identity.

Although I was often exposed to this style of fashion growing up, I never fully saw myself represented by it. It wasn't until I moved to Los Angeles in 2017 when I realized that an entire subculture of queer caballeros congregated in packed night clubs for vaquero-themed nights throughout this city.

From that moment I realized that a pair of tejanas and boots represents much more than what I thought was a “costume” of a hyper-masculine man, for many it simply represents pride and cultura.

This collection is a love letter to the queer vaquero culture in the Los Angeles nightlife scene who made me realize my identity as a queer and Latinx person doesn't have to exclusively exist, they can live harmoniously as one.

Introducing Ponyboy the collection